Got any good RP style lives?

Cold Red

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I'm asking because through dying I wanted to grow attached to my characters, so I started naming them(the saves). Plane crash Pauly and Cold Kevin and what not, partly for my own entertainment haha. I'm on one now "Stranded Samantha" and I don't know if she's just got mojo or what but it's been an incredible run so far. I keep track of her "adventures" in the journal. Anyone else do this/have any cool memories of old characters you low-key RPd? 

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Deleted my original post because I couldn't find an edit button. Anyways, I got more information as last night I was exhausted. Rusty has lived for 90 days so far on a Stalker run in Broken Railroad. I also have an Astrid that kind of glitched out when Ash Canyon came out, so now she acts like she has a sprained ankle when she really doesn't. I'm just playing it off as some of illness she has to battle along with everything else. It does make some interesting playthroughs. She's lived 83 days on Voyageur.

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I do that. I come up with a light background for my chars and I kinda just live from day to day, not really trying to optimize it. That makes me end up in all kinds of interesting situations. By "day to day" I don't mean I don't plan, but I just enjoy the quiet routine and enjoy going for some somewhat pointless trips. One such trip had me climb on a high cliff just to see the awesome sunset, sprain my ankle on the way down and end up huddled in a snow shelter in a blizzard. But damn if it didn't feel good. Some of my chars like fishing. Others enjoy tea with a book in the evenings by a crackling fireplace (not all evenings ofc). Some like having a few cups of coffee to celebrate a big success or to calm after something harrowing. I'm a story junkie so it sits really well with me.

Nice to know there are others.

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