Deerskin Pants look unfinished?


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Hi All,

Has anyone experienced these phenomena before? Is there a way to "repair it"?
I've crafted a pair of Deerskin Pants, they were finished but kept looking "halfway done".
I could wear them without problems, so as it was only cosmetics, I've decided to use them so, they wore down, repaired a couple times but still always looked unfinished:



After a while I decided to try again, and make a new pair, when something even weirder happened:

I only had 2 dry deerskins nearby, so tore down the pants I had on me, and started crafting a new one: invested 5 hours with a brand new fishing tackle (should have gotten me to 25%). Went to sleep, and tried to continue in the morning: when there was nothing to continue, and could not even start a new one, as my previous deerskin was gone. Checked the fishing tackle as well: it was down to 50% (matching the 5 hour use).

Fetched a 3rd skin from another base further away, and this time made it in one day, without sleep: I again had a finished/wearable, but unfinished looking pair of pants... (The image above is taken from it actually).
Any hints?

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4 minutes ago, Leeanda said:

Are there any other problems with your save?

Not that I know of - day 425, Stalker.
It did happen to me before in other saves as well, but that was a long time ago so do not remember specifics... 

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1 hour ago, AdamvR said:

Went to sleep, and tried to continue in the morning: when there was nothing to continue

I may have found a potential cause for this part of the mystery (a partially done pair of deerskin boots in my backpack... ;-)) - yet, that does not explain the visual glitch of the finished pair of pants looking unfinished...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update: it turned out that the "unfinished looking" pants are meant to be so, this is the finished version - so no bug here.
(I likely have remembered and was missing an old image of the deerskin pants, before it was redesigned)

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