The Bleak Inlet Adventure (highlights)

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So I made this video from my first visit to BI in my faithful cartographer run, where I ended up living for almost 3 in game months. I put it together and tried to sync it with my favorite track from the game's OST.  It won't let me upload, but finally managed to embed it :)


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14 minutes ago, Leeanda said:

Great video! It really is a beautiful piece of music and very apt for the area! And for all that death😄

Thanks a lot! Yeah I love the dramatic music, tried syncing it with the scenes :) I'm tinkering with the post see if I can manage to embed the youtube video, as I've seen it can be done, but I can't manage to pull it out.

Edit: I was going through all the options: code, link, and it turned out you just have to paste the url and the forum will embed it by itself lol!

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I have no idea what any of that meant but I get the gist of it! I can't do half the stuff on this forum never mind anywhere else😄 

Still good video wherever it's posted!

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