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  1. Hahaha!! sorry but as you can see I'm on a mountain trip right now, lil busy taking pictures and stuff, but will gladly join you when I get back. It sounds like an awesome plan! Edit: Thanks!! I only wish the moon was on the other side though I will have to keep trying!
  2. Very nice shots those you uploaded! I managed to stitch together a 3 screenshot panorama of the summit during the aurora. Not super happy with the edit, but I like the framing quite a lot.
  3. Haha, you are right! The bear had died before the fog set in by the way I know the feeling, in my current runs, even if I'm lazy, I try to write as much as I can in my diary... my memory isn't very strong to be honest.
  4. That's correct, it's CH, close to the waterfront cottages I think they are called?, the last cabins before Crumbling Highway, but I think the island in front is indeed Misanthrope's Homes. Here is the bear cookingtead.
  5. Pretty close, but nope, not sure where you saw the RIken Let's see if this other shot helps, the weather can make it confusing. But I love those foggy sunsets.
  6. I happened to be in the area and when crossing the cave I remember your post so I was looking up to see if I saw something similar. I'll keep it in mind and try to figure it out. This one is pretty easy, but anyone knows where it is?
  7. Honestly, I'm not sure I ever tried, probabaly when I first started playing. Does shooting at them give you more feathers???
  8. Thanks! I actually one shoted another one (from a safer distance) a few days later in TWM in that stalker run. And a a couple days back, on my 500 day voyageur run I managed to get a oneshot kill on a moose with the bow after missing the first shot. MooseOneShot.mp4
  9. Id say it's the transition cave between BI-FM
  10. Yep, quite some meat right there! If you notice at the end of the second video, there is a rabbit carcass plus a frozen corpse. Only a moose carcass missing there.
  11. Thanks a lot! maybe when I have enough I can make some kind of compilation post I'm actually creating different content off the game. This is probably not the right place to share it, but I kind of did a "dynamic wallpaper", or something I could see as an alternate menu to the game. Shame I didn't turn the hud off, I wasn't planing on it, but it was such a beautiful sunset, I had to just sat there in a branch and watch. I added the music from episode 2, the theme "the lion's roar" which I love so much. BleakInletSunset.mp4 I leave a link to youtube since I know some people have
  12. 887730380_luckycrit.mp4 Shortly after... bandicam 2021-06-11 00-07-07-179.mp4
  13. Thanks! I like how that map looks with the aurora, I loved going out of my cave just to watch it at night. Now that you mention it, even if I spent a month and a half living in BI, I never stayed long in the upper part of the region, where the lookout is, which is a shame cause I remember liking the lookout when I briefly visited. I just remember I dropped some loot there, so now I have an excuse to go back!
  14. Hahaha, no , I let him go, I think the poor thing deserved it after being a guinea pig for my experiment