Ambient indoor lightning at night


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Most of the indoor locations are pitch black in the night, even when it's clear skies outside. This darkness makes it a frustrating experience to navigate indoors; making storm lantern a must-have object, only to light it up for a couple of seconds most of the time until you find your way in/out. 

In real life, your eyes gets adjusted to the darkness, and you'd see the outline of some/most objects. It'd be understandable to not get the same level of ambient light on the nights with a fog, blizzard or cloudy nights compared to clear skies with a shining moon and stars but right now it's a bothersome game mechanic and breaks the immersion. Even when you use a stove/furnace, 1m away from the stove is still pitch black which is not really realistic (here's another similar complain) even though in this case you can light up a torch. 

I realised that this was bothering me for quite a long while but only after I was able to get a decent loper run (without a lantern) I've realised how valuable it became; yeah I really really have to reach out to that bed, and I really need to use all the available little light for reading books (or mending, harvesting ..etc after dark) and no I really can't spare a match  just to be able to reach out to the bed :) Hope that explains 

PS. Love the game. Been playing for years now. Thanks for all the good memories Hinterland


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