Faithful Cartographer Acheivement


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Woohoo! I just wanted to share that I finally got the Faithful Cartographer achievement last night, only 0.8% of players have it! 

Who else has it?!

I have been in my survival game for around 325 days now and I am going for the 500 day achievement as well. Only shame is that in my save the polaroid is missing
from desolate point :( I have looked everywhere it could be. So I guess I wont be able to get all of them in this save unfortunately. 


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Congrats! I probably spent MOAR time and mileage chasing after that achievement than any other. What an amazing feeling it was to put that one in the bag.

In my case it was a hotfix being pushed that got me the achievement; it was famously bugged.

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On 7/5/2021 at 3:50 PM, Leeanda said:

Congrats too ! I also have it!

There isn't a Polaroid in desolation anymore it was in the Riken originally but there were serious  problems with it so it was removed!

Ohh! I didn't know it wasn't there anymore. Maybe I can get them all then :) 

Also thanks all! 

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