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just spent some time working on a big stack of pallets that I have been stockpiling for projects, and I have 2 ideas to share:


First, I think big stacks of pallets (not one or two random pallets lying on the floor or wall) should be treated more like animal corpses. If you see a big stack like, outside the gas station, you should be able to select it and break down however many you want rather than it being all or nothing. Think of it like reading or harvesting animals. 


Second, i think that a decking tool/ wrecking head/ indexing head should be added as a tool. When I started breaking pallets, I was using a hand wrecking bar and a mallet to break the boards off. Granted, this isn’t the same as just hacking it up with a hatchet, but it did take me quite a while to break my first pallet down. Deciding that there had to be an easier way to do it, I bought a special tool designed to strip boards off a pallet, and the difference was night and day, like 20~ minutes to 3. So I think that time breaking pallets with all tools could be in increased (cant remember the number but thought it was like, 16 minutes) and this tool could be added to do the job faster and, more importantly, use less energy. 


The Index head could act like the type of tool that you would find in a region and drop off at a base rather than taking with you in your standard kit, so almost 1 per region, and you drop it off where you know you’re going to break a lot of pallets quickly

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