Killed a Moose with the revolver only (13 shots).


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Don't recommend attempting this without a flare gun at hand. There were 13 shots, I might have missed one or two. I didn't know this when I tried, but according to the wikia "Moose hunting with a revolver is dangerous with the weapons low stopping power and range. (e.g. 8 Headshots, or Chest: 14, Hind: 16, Foot: 16 on Voyageur)".

I did this in a voyageur run where I've gotten faithful cartographer and I'm on day 492.

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2 hours ago, Leeanda said:

Cool! You answered one of my questions for me! How many shots with a revolver!!!? ? Did you get fed up of having lovely ribs! Or did you simply have no arrows left? 


My favorite weapon is, no doubt, the bow. Although I usually go with the rifle for big game. To give some context, this is on day 492 voyageur run, I feel kind of OP, and while I want to get to 500, I'm kind of bored, so putting myself on risk and trying silly stuff. (although you can see I have the distress pistol at hand just in case).  I've already accomplished killing moose with every weapon (except stone, of course). I still have the 50 arrows I crafted, I have been able to recover every single one of them :)

I've got another funny video, where I discovered bunnies are immune to distress pistol, I will upload soon :)

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