21 days into Deadman run and finally got myself a bedroll


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So running custom harder Deadman settings of Loonsloon, I spawned in PV. From there, I wanted to go and get the technical packback & crampons + do a Summit run right away, out of the way. So from PV went to TWM, to AC, through Deer clearing cave to TWM, back to PV. All this without bedroll in sight, but with PLENTY of snowshelter action. With the exception of one, managed to position and build all of them rather nicely next to wind-sheltered corners too! It's often still bit of a hassle with fire positioning, so that you don't get your temp down from building the shelter, but not too bad. Anyhow, ultimately I did make my way to ML and Camp office for the obvious bedroll there, on day 21 with 94% health after using two stims, no forging yet.

The point I wanted to make here though is that it is nice that the bedrolls are somewhat rare at least. I mean okay it doesn't really make sense why the player can't just sleep on the ground in the indoor caves or whatever, but rather takes perma damage. At the same time it's equally shame why you have to have "guaranteed bedroll spots" or those weird feather cave beds in some places too. But putting that aside... it's great to have at least a possibility of greater challenge without artificially limiting your chances. You know as opposed to the fire starting situation where you have 1000 match boxes scattered all around the island... you will ever-never run out of matches, with or without mag lens, with or without torch fires, with or without Deadman warming up buff fires...

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