Emergency Stim Brighter vision.


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I just died in a lack of luck after 25 days interlopper and i used a stim to get a few more minutes of life. i was in muskeg in the middle of a blizzard that blew away my fire. so i used a stim to get to the tracks and hopefully the derailement point where i could have made a fire.

i read there https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Emergency_stim thats the stim should make you see brighter "the sound of a rapid heartbeat can be heard, and the character's vision gets brighter."

but in that sandbox game i used the stim and were not able to see anything in the dark it was worse that before using it. maybe it is due to the filters mixed with the night and the blizzard but i dont think it should be this way as it can simply lead to death. so here's my proposition: when the stim is used it gives a night vision effet that makes you able to see further than before in the dark for the remaining time of the stamina boost.

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