Ash Canyon map orientation


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The older drawn maps were put into the game before the geography got rearranged and their orientation per what we see on the screen not completely fixed.  Even for the "world" map, and for many regions, the convention of the top of the map being North does not apply.  Even the movement of the sun across the sky is sometimes right sometimes wrong. 

The newer maps, such as Ash Canyon, should be more consistent with where North is, but there is no guarantee of that.  Because I have been in the game for a long time, where North is and how the sun tracks across the sky from dawn to dusk can be an anomaly but it does not really affect how I play.  I do occasionally take screenshots of how the sun seems to be setting in the East on occasion but that's me. 

Probably one reason why no compass implementation.  Players would expect consistency with North on a compass being, at least, roughly the same as that of the maps. 

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