Achievements broken? Way to read save file?


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I recently started a Voyageur game with the intent of earning three Achievements at once: Pacifist, Silent Hunter, and Living off the Land. I just got Pacifist, but my LotL says 15 days where I *know* I've eaten nothing but cattails, deer (that I harvested myself, not found in a fridge or freezer) and water. Is there something broken with this achievement? Is there a way to read my save file and see when it thinks I ate something not-compatible with the LotL achievement?

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So, I just got Living off the Land yesterday on Day 47. Not sure what I did to screw things up on Day 22, but there ya go. Silent Hunter shows 46 out of 50, so that seems to have caught up somehow. Whatever. Gonna likely skip the guns for a while after that anyway...I have broken ribs to heal (and a satchel to make). 😁

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