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I am working on a random code generator for Survival mode, using VBS in Excel. With the lacking long term goals, I wanted to have a new challenge, to find out what the world is like in a new playthrough. Or even if I am able to survive more than 10 days.
So far, I have figured out the code setup and have been able to validly randomize the 13 settings for "Game Start" and "Environment". The rest is just a lot of typing work, as there are 62 settings in total.

Maybe I will add a more subtle interface to be able to keep some parameters as I want them to be.

I will upload the Excel file (and the VBS code as text, if You do not want to start active Excel files) once it is ready.

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Here is the code generator. I added the option to set some values and added a difficulty rating.

The zip archive contains an Excel file with a user form and a text file containing the VB code. If You run the Excel file, activate Makros and push the button.
The possible difficulty values are between 0 and 350 points but I usually receive results between 90 and 210.



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Added a target difficulty setting. Pilgrim codes are so unlikely, that I omitted that option.

Please be aware, that the difficulty is an overall rating. So an "Interloper" or "Deadman" rated code may contain even a rifle, if it is balanced by something else.



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So, last update for now. I had a typo in the index usage of the "World gets colder" property, leaving it always at "None". This has been fixed.

HL is using a weird combination of shifting to other indexes, once an index has reached 64 (or even worse with the recovery and frostbite settings). I got most of them covered but there is one situation missing, where I want to set the "Starting Time of Day" to be non-midnight.
Hence I limited the RNG to the options "Dawn" and "Noon" and will take the occasional error to use "Dusk".
The unconvered shift error is affecting the animal spawn options too, but this is not too imposartant, as we want them to be random at all times.

Here is version 3:



Have fun.

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