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Have some issues:

1. I remapped keys and got lilttle problem. My "Move forvard" binded to RMB. But RMB also was binded to "Throw/Aim" and can not be changed. So I can't move with flares/lamp/gun.

2. Outfit loses its durability too fast.

3. Too much wolves spawns near my habitable base (garage). 10 more down, but every day come new one.

4. Need ability to convert wolf skin to some leather.

5. Simple club/cudgel for wolves will be enough. I hate to lay down to my back to fight wolf. I prefer to kick or smash. :twisted:

6. I need a spyglass, compass and mapsssssss!!!

Thank you!

b.r., Serge

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If you put Move Forward back to W and map Q to Run that will free up your mouse for lighting flares and lanterns, fighting, firing, aiming, and throwing.

I mapped W to Walk Backward and Q for Strafe Left. I prefer my own keymap. Just need to clear common bindings.

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