SWITCH - Audio and visual issues


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I can't find a bug report link for switch users.

This was just an audio issue but now I also have an annoying visual thing which is making the game no fun to play.

When there are multiple sources of sound; say, the wind and a campfire or music or panting, the audio slows down and "helicopters" chopping up the sound and making it virtually impossible to hear anything. This goes away when there is an overlay on screen, like opening your inventory or watching food cook and usually stops through transition screens but may continue once I go back outside. I've not been able to figure out exactly what causes it to start or stop, it's happened in multiple regions, all times of day etc.

Now, just today, I got fed up of the sound and closed the game and reopened it in the hope it would stop. On re-entering the game my screen looks very grey and unsaturated. Menus and tooltips are normal but, when inside, the environment seems misty and it's hard to make anything out, the outside environment seems unaffected (I checked a few saves and they all look like this now). I checked the settings and everything is default, changing my brightness didn't seem to help and there's no filter set. 

I'm really confused and annoyed because I friggin' love this game but I can't really play it like this.

Can anyone help?

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