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Where can I find the basic instructions for how to play on an iMac? I don't see any how-to videos on basic functionality like how to walk, how to get to the health metrics, etc. When I move my mouse around it changes what I'm looking at but I see no instructions or intro videos that show me how to play the game.

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The easiest thing is probably to go to Options, then Key Bindings to see what the default controls are.

Short answer is movement is W-A-S-D, interacting/shooting is the left mouse button, aiming/placement is the right mouse button, I is inventory.

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I don't think the Mac handles any differently to a PC (I'm a Mac user too, and so glad they ported it across).

Video-wise, I like the Long Dark Survival School series by Hadrian on YouTube, though you may want something shorter, depending on how much time you want to invest.

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