Weight and Measures for Various Items


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Would it be easier for gut to be a weighted inventory item?  
Then we could have a ratio of guts to animal weight.  

Cured guts could produce lengths of line.  Different lengths of line could achieve different depths when ice fishing, there by getting larger fish for example.

Bones could be harvested in two categories, large mammals and small mammals.  Bone tools and bone hooks could be added based on weight requirements of bone.  We might need two categories because all bones on a rabbit are small.  A bone club from rabbit femur would be stupid.  Funny...but stupid.

Maybe meat could be processed to separate fat and protein.  Then the fat used to make pemmican (somebody else had that idea that I read today.  Brilliant!), candles, and I’m sure a bunch of things that are escaping me right now.

I’ve said it before but if hides were done by area you would know two bits of info for hide crafting.  So if a rabbit hide is 8 inches by 12 inches (as always, change the numbers as you like) it will be worth 96 square inches of clothing and require 40 inches of line to sew it to something else.

I know it adds complexity to what we have now but sometimes when a solution is over simplified it comes with a compromise.  Then the solution becomes the issue for other areas. I’d hate to not get something because of underlying issues.

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