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Inspired by the topic about starting with a flare - I would like to propose a new challenge / game mode: Fully randomised start. As pointed out experienced players know the guaranteed spawns and wolf areas by heart. I would return the excitement and fear if all loot where randomised and wolfs had new areas.

It would make a heart attack on a seasoned Interloper player to go happy through the ravine and suddenly be barked up and chewed by a pack of wolves. 😁

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I'll reply here rather than in the other topic then:

I'm completely in support of this suggestion, to keep things as fun on my 10th run as it is on my 2nd. I'd skip the new challenge part and just make it part of the default though XD.

Some specific suggestions for some of the currently hard-coded items:

  • Matches: 1 boxes of matches randomly spawns in each of the 11 game regions (to prevent a hopeless player spawn where there are no matches in an entire region). A further 14 boxes spawn randomly across all regions and transition zones.
  • Heavy Hammer: Spawn one Hammer in either HRV, Milton or Mystery Lake, one hammer in either Timberwolf Mountain, Pleasant Valley, Cinder Hills or Coastal Highway, and a third in Bleak Inlet. That gives a reason to go to Bleak Inlet.
  • Hacksaw: Spawn one Hacksaw in either HRV, Milton or Forlorn Muskeg, a second in either Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg or Mystery Lake, a third in either Ash Canyon, Timberwolf Mountain or Pleasant Valley, a fourth in either Coastal Highway or Deolation point, and a fifth in Bleak Inlet.
  • Bedroll: Spawn one in each of HRV, Bleak Inlet, Ash Canyon and Timberwolf Mountain. Don't spawn any in the other regions.


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