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  1. To save people having to read that entire linked thread, here's the starvation mechanic in its simplest form:
  2. Thanks! I found birch (completely forgot about that XD) but no maple yet - have my eyes peeled though
  3. Thanks! Guess I got lucky not running into him Days 9-11: After a clear and beautiful (if terrifying) night came a foggy morning. I hiked up to the higher trailer and rested an hour until the fog had cleared somewhat, before proceeding into the Ravine. Crossing the Trestle was harrowing, but after that the journey was uneventful. At the first cave I found a Mountaineering Rope (after carrying one all the way up from Coastal Highway!) and caught two rabbits. As I crossed the tree trunk to the other side of the Ravine it started to snow, and by the time I had lowered the rope down
  4. In that case, the Free Runner unlock could be something like "Traverse 3 regions within 24 hours", rather than being a very specific task that kind of duplicates an existing challenge. As an aside, I always thought the feats system was intended to help players move up a difficulty level, or give them confidence to do so.
  5. I love the idea by@Lexilogo to make the feat conditions less grindy. One small simplification: The Free Runner unlock condition could just be "complete the Hopeless Rescue challenge".
  6. Easier said than done sometimes, e.g., when there are blizzards for 3 days straight. Maybe it would help if I describe precisely how an ewma might work in this case? Because it removes the need to remember anything or take notes, unless you want more time to deal with cabin fever than is given by the risk notification. I'm taking the numbers from this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/thelongdark/comments/au9vlq/how_cabin_fever_works/ - I don't have in-game experience right now to corroborate the info in that thread but it should serve at least as an illustration. The tl;dr is that
  7. Thanks! I ended up going a different way but I did bring the rope with me. Oof it's heavy though 😆 Day 8: The day started windy with some snow, but good visibility nonetheless. I reached Coastal Townsite over the ice, avoiding the wolves on one side. By the time I reached the town the weather had cleared. Most of the buildings had been destroyed; only Quonset Garage and two houses remained. One of them was guarded by a great beast, and as you can imagine I kept my distance!! I found two boxes of Matches (one in the other house, one in a car) and in Quonset I found a Jerry Can, a
  8. Day 7: I awoke feeling parched with thirst, and with my water supply running low I hastened to a nearby Fishing Hut to boil some more. The fire took several tries to light and I winced at the painful cold until it finally caught. Once my canteen was full again I explored Jackrabbit Island, finding another precious box of matches, and the Fishing Village where I gathered a pair of Work Boots, a Mountaineering Rope and a small bottle of Painkillers. The bright and clement weather cheered my heart along the way. I dropped off the heavier items at the trailer near Log Sort and made
  9. Funny you should suggest that... 😆 Day 6: My sleep, unfortunately, was not a restful one. I awoke in the night with a wrenching cramp in my stomach. Doubled over with the pain, I remembered the medicinal properties of the Reishi mushrooms I had gathered earlier and drank a cup of the tea I had prepared for the morning. It was disgusting to choke down the cold tea, but it helped and I slept, if fitfully, for the rest of the night. When I awoke, weak rays of sunlight were already streaming in through the windows of the hall. I had overslept, but at least I felt a little better. Th
  10. If you think about how a simple moving average works and how an ewma works, you will see it is the other way around. Using an ewma simplifies, rather than complicates, the mechanic from the player's point of view. There is nothing to calculate - the risk displayed by the game tells you everything.
  11. Hmm, fair enough - simple moving average was my interpretation of what the wiki said, based on what I've experienced in-game. I've also read other discussion of Cabin Fever which arrived at the same conclusion. In any case, these properties: would be strongly satisfied by an ewma.
  12. Day 5: I woke feeling better than I have since the crash, and was relieved to find that the storm had passed. Outside was a thin, cold fog - but very little wind. I warmed some tea and set off for Thomson's Crossing, torch in hand. The road was quiet, and my heart rose when I saw through the fog the first outlines of the village. I stowed what belongings I did not immediately need in the hall, and went back out to explore the rest of the town. The wind was picking up as I made my way to the next house along the road. As I was searching inside I heard what I had dreaded - the te
  13. This isn't about balance. Changing to an ewma wouldn't directly make it easier to avoid cabin fever (for example, a simple strategy like "spend every 6th night in a fishing hut" wouldn't work anymore). But it would make the system more intuitive and make the risk increase and decrease more gradually. It is only in this respect that the affliction would be easier to deal with.
  14. The wiki says it's a simple moving average: https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Cabin_Fever I imagine anomalies of the kind you describe are the result of a lag or quirk in reporting (e.g., the game waiting until the end of a day to move the window forward).
  15. Currently the Cabin Fever affliction is applied based on a simple moving average of time spent outdoors over the last 6 days. This creates frustrating situations where you spend the whole day outside and your Cabin Fever Risk increases (because exactly 6 days ago, you spend not only the day outside but the night as well). Whereas at other times you can spend just a couple of hours outdoors and see the risk decrease (because exactly 6 days ago, you were sheltering inside from a blizzard all day). Unless the player is tracking precisely their time spent outdoors each day, this tends to appear ar