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Karl Grylls

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i've come acros an issue while trying to log in to the forum. This forum is one of my starting pages and when i opened it i wasn't logged in. So i typed in everything and it says "wrong PW or Account" and i thought okay, usually i never log out from this site so maybe i forgot my correct PW. So i clicked the PW forgotten option and typed in my mail adress. But then the forum tells me that there is no match to this mail adress and i know that this is 100% incorrect, because it's my only one i use for ~8 years now. So the forum forgot my mail adress and my PW maybe too. The weird thing is, when i clicked on cancel and got back to the Forum overview, i was suddenly logged in.

Sorry when this is the wrong place for this but in the support section i could only find ingame related problems. I know the staff is on holiday and it workedfor me after all, sofast help isn't necessary, it can wait.

Thank you and happy new year everyone :)

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