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I decided to do some challenges for the game. After failing The Hunted and Whiteout multiple times I decided to try Nomad. The description seemed easy and I thought I knew the maps well. However as I start my first few locations getting to 3 days each is a slog.

I'm on my third location and I've survived 18 days in total. How you may ask? Have I lost my way to each location in a fog? Attacked by wildlife maybe? No. Sadly I've been finding that the hours I pass within these locations don't add up how they should. I "pass time" for 12 hours and time and again it does not register half a day more like .2 or .3 days. Sleeping rarely counts either. Does anyone else experience this? These challenges are meant to take 1-3 hours as the tab describes but this is horribly long and boring.

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