Not Such a Hopeless Rescue Anymore


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After a total of 7 attempts to complete the Hopeless Rescue Challenge, I finally managed to succeed! 

Most attempts I got hopelessly lost, or took too long due to bad weather and poor clothes except for my 6th try which had been my best run yet. I had found some really good clothing right off the bat and found not only a revolver, but a rifle as well before I had even left the ML region. I was making great time. Then 4 wolves decided to attack me one after the other after just entering PV, and my stupid self kept clicking the wrong button when trying to shoot at them:/ Needless to say after that failure I was done with trying.

But then I gave it one last shot and whaddaya know? I did it! I retrieved the distress pistol from the summit of TWM and fired it off the top of the lighthouse in 6 days 10 hours and 59 minutes. It was a good feeling to finally get it after failing so much:))))

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