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I don't think this would justify a bug report because it happens very infrequently but that is always more often than never.  It is just inconvenient and should not happen at all. 

1.  For some reason when putting an item into a container, say from inventory into a cabinet, which contains items with which it should stack, the game will insist that the item does not stack with the existing item/item stack and keep it as separate item(s) or stack (if transferring more of these otherwise 'identical' items).  Pulling all the items out of the container back into inventory does not generally stack the items (tinder books seem to be one exception) which when returned to the container will be separate stacks.  

The only way, it seems to deal with this anomaly is to go to a different container and put all the items into it where they will now *voila* stack. The consolidated stack can be taken out and will remain a consolidated stack when put back into the container that didn't want to stack them all together. 

2. A separate issue is that occasionally, thankfully pretty rare, the game will decide that your ammunition is being carried loose and not in a box.  Putting the ammunition into a storage container results in a stack consisting of the loose cartridges and no box.  Pulling them out puts the stack of loose ammunition back in inventory.   There seems to be a graphics issue and I don't care (or dare) to dump 20 rounds onto a floor to see if they become a box of ammunition.  This may be only a problem when one may not have properly boxed ammunition in a container. 

Dealing with this anomaly involves unloading the relevant firearm where, it appears, the game remembers that there are things like boxes of ammunition even if the box contained only one round of ammunition.  At this point the box of ammo can be put into a container and the stack of loose ammunition can be transferred in and they will go into the box.   

It would be nice if the game did not have these admittedly minor, annoying, and infrequent problems.  

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