Can I stay with the old hunter for a while?

North Wind

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Hello, I am a Chinese player, and I just played this game recently. After helping the old hunter get the electronic components back last night, I fought with the bear and killed it. Into the plot, the hunter talked with me and told me to start at once and pass the message across the dam. Finally, he just kicked me out. I still have deerskin and a bunch of things hanging in the old hunter's house. The weight of being driven out directly reaches 50 kg, and the deerskin will be dried in two days. I'm sad. Can I stay at the old hunter's house for another two days?

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I found it very rude to be kicked out of his cabin like this, with all items I had stashed inside. I had to drop some stuff to be able to even move Then I put the overweight part to storage box ... to never return for them 😄

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