Broken system for community hall cabinet


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Couldn't interact with it at all at first, with my own inventory only partially visible and not possible to interact with either. Eventually it was possible to put stuff in and remove things, but the counter only updated on removals, and took into account stuff I had removed to trigger it. Managed to finish the mission and the episode in the end, but it took my experience as a programmer knowing I could try to reload the game and essentially "hack" my way through. See picture for build version.

tld version.png

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The same issue. However I was able to get past it. There are in fact 2 problems:

  1. mouse works only for category selection,  but not for items selection -> use WASD keys to select and Enter to move the item
  2. the direction of transfer cannot be switched like with other containers -> little trick will help:
    a) initially the transfer direction (TD) is into cabinet, so you can put some items in
    b) when you open the cabinet next time, TD is into inventory, however when you move all items in selected category into your inventory, TD switches and you can again add items to the cabinet - those you took to empty category, as well as other items from other categories
    c) so basically I put in signal pistol from tools category (but not ammo for it), plus some food and bandages. Next time I wanted to add more fuel and other stuff to the cabinet, I just switched to tools category so that signal pistol is the only item displayed in the cabinet, then I retrieved it, which switched TD, then I put it back and switched to whatever categories needed and put items I had. This is repeatable.
    d) item counting is lagging behind so the items you put in may get counted either when you put another item in during the same opening session, or when you close and reopen the cabinet.

I hope this helps you get past the issue.

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Sadly, the v1.93 update did not fix this - at least for the Mac wrapper version.  There is still the workaround, by loading up Astrid with the items you want to transfer, save, quit the game completely, restart, reload, then you can transfer.  If you change your mind or still have things to transfer, start at the top of the list.

It feels like a mouse positioning bug.  When dropping items into the cabinet, the drop is frequently off from where the mouse it, and sometimes you have to play with it in order to make it work.  I'd start looking at the mouse position read code.

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