Game is unplayable - Falling from the world in the beginning of the story / BUG REPORT


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I bought the game yesterday while its in discount and today I started to playing but unfortunately I cannot even play the game due to this bug. The character falling down from the world and directly teleport me into hangar. I cannot interact with anything. Doors cannot be open, even ESC button is not working! Only W, A, S, D keys are working, nothing else. I'm trying to fix this problem about 35 minutes but nothing works.

I need help. Thanks in advance.


The video explains everyting:

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4 hours ago, Nicholai said:

This issue occured after the last update, the same problem with transitioning.

Could you please check the solution on this link? The one about changing format/region.

Hey, thanks for the link! I changed my region Turkish (Turkey) to English (United States) and problem is fixed!


It's ridiculous that the game error is caused by the Windows regional format. I hope they fix it in the next update.

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