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  1. You must have missed the prompt text about signal flare, I'm pretty sure I saw it and found survivors by this way.
  2. I totally agree. Of course there're many graphical and mechanical improvements were added and ambience was devastating enough to put me in depression but in the end, I just carried a bunch of survivors and gathered resources and the end. Many of these improvements are not directly related with the story mode and they could be a part of the survival mode (I'm not saying they should be, just they are not part of story). I've enjoyed ep.3 more than ep.1 and ep.2, it was definitely more emotion-triggering but I was just expecting a longer story.
  3. 1. Take your time. 2. Marine Flares will help to keep the distance with them but marine flares don't last longer as regular flares. The biggest problem about the pack encounter is their unpredictable angle of attack. If you can find somewhere to lean your back, then it's gonna be easier to detect and shoot. Max. 2-3 direct hit with revolver will scare them off.
  4. Well, they seem pretty cool under aurora lights but under day light they seem a little bit radioactive or have a luminous pelt. Edit: I don't even mention the far one disappeared into the pipes! If only I killed them, I could have a glowing wolf skin coat item with +3 magic resistance!
  5. Thanks for long explanation, I didn't know that only the outer layer is counted for windchill protection. It was the first time I summed up these values and checked them. Now I'm thinking that ignoring all this stuff makes sense or not. Anyway, this information will certainly change my clothing concept, thanks again. I didn't select thermal underwear deliberalety ofc, just it was open on the screen. And the two sreenshots below show warmth bonus as 13 (summed up as 12.6), air temp. as 3 and a total 16. It should be 18 with +2 bonus. Edit: typo.
  6. Sorry if it's duplicate. First, I cannot benefit from wind chill bonus of some gears. Toque or working gloves don't work ie. See the ss. Second, I cannot benefit from perm +2 feeling temp. badge. Yeah, I have activated it before start.
  7. Well, we're experienced players, we memorised maps, locations, items, spawns, mechanics even we abuse mechanics as you mentioned above. If we want to bore ourselves we can easily survive hundreds of days without using any weapon in any mod except interloper. But are these valid for a beginner? Especially first days are most important days for them. It will be easier to survive if these days are once get over (Once I was beginner ). Curation of gut takes 4 days and one snare for one rabbit if you're lucky. But on your very first day, you can get at least 3-4 rabbits with one stone in one hour if you're cruel enough. Next mechanic will be burn them alive I guess. Anyway, they'll never freeze. Besides you can get your mitten on 4th day of gameplay. In interloper yes, I can never argue about how vital it is Get them easily, harvest in a safe place and have mittens on 4th day with a nice 2/2 warmth.
  8. Yes it did. Not only interloper but also other mods. Actually it made other mods fairly easy but if we're talking about interloper, at least it balanced hardness of the most unreasonable, illogical, irrational, absurd, senseless mechanic: cabin fever.
  9. Well, I continued to play and slept with little time intervals to check the infection rate but it hasn't increased. So it seems healed but indicator asserts the contrary. That's the problem. Edit: It is healed by itself withing the next day.
  10. I tried to cure my %60 infection risk but it stucks at %1. If I try again, it says something like "this doesn't treat your wound" bla bla. I applied bandage before and after antiseptic, nothing changed. Did I miss something or this is a bug?
  11. I totally agree about cabin fever and I don't think it makes any sense if we're talking about surviving. I know it aims to prevent people from hibernating but we know "the situation" is big and it's the last thing I have to provide my character is entertainment. Eat whatever you find and hibernate to spend minimum energy, this is surviving. Hibernating exists in nature in same way, some animals hibernate just because of this, to survive. Most particularly in interloper mode, hibernating must be an essential part of surviving. I wonder -in a nuclear situation- will you leave bunker because of you just got bored inside? go ahead. Again, cabin fever disease opposes with "surviving essentials" and it must no longer persist in game.
  12. All of old clothes transformed to their equivalent form in new version. In my existing sandbox, I neither found any clothes on looted maps but there were in new map so your assumption is correct.
  13. May contain spoilers. Found a few caves, one has two entrance. I saw a signal tower far away and hopefully went there for a shelter but there was not. Fought off a wolf near tower. Entered cave and left from the other entrance. Kept walking and found the forge in a poor shelter. Weak ice may annoy sometimes, you have to circle around it. Weather is not worse than PV or TM, as fine as ML but more foggy. Kept walked through same direction and found derailed lumber waggons. Fought off a wolf again and I'm still alive. Finding shelter may be a problem but this is a kind of enjoyable challange and pumps a little more adrenaline
  14. Nicholai

    Finding Ammo

    Well, some of them are really well hidden. Forexample, I barely saw one box above a wardrobe in CH, one box inside of a huge pipe in DP (why do someone enter into a pipe? it's natural if you cannot find ), one box in the middle of nowhere (really irrelevant location, just in the middle of nowhere). You know, you can play cs go with the ammo you find at tail section in TWM. Nevertheless, I suggest using bow instead of rifle. 4 kg load is excessive if you're well geared and prepared for wilderness. It's also easy to fire to close target with a bow, especially if the wolf runs toward you. I only use rifle to lure a bear through the terrace of farmstead.