Attacked by 3 wolves, 2% condition and only 1 bandage... Somehow I survived


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I've never had this many injuries and survived. This has to be the most intense experience I've had. I'm trying to complete faitful cartographer and am halfway done, so dying is not an option.

In broken railroad, I was in the process of moving all my stuff from the maintenance shed to the hunting lodge. I only had a couple of stuff left so I was travelling light... Too light. I had forgot to bring enough first aid. My fatigue meter was empty, but I was almost there so I pushed forward. I rounded a corner and got attacked by a wolf. "No problem" I thought and fought him off with the axe. Once the struggle was over I heard the growling of a second wolf. I pulled out my revolver and spun around, but it was too late. He jumped me and in my panic I chose the revolver as a struggle weapon (with only level 2 skill). Since my fatigue meter was drained, I couldn't fill the bar no matter how fast I tapped. After what felt like forever I managed to win the struggle, but my condition took a huge hit. I was down to about 15%. I was bleeding and knew I had to patch myself up, but... You guessed it, there was a third wolf.

In my two previous struggles I had broken both of my wrists, so I couldn't equip the revolver. I didn't have a flair or torch, and I was fatigued so I couldn't run either. The door to the shed was too far away for me to get there in time. In a last desperate attempt to buy myself some time, I started a fire. No accelerant (travelling light), but my fire starting skill was good and I had a 90% success chance. I held my breath as I waited for the fire to start, and then... It failed.


The wolf jumped me and this time I had the brains to pick the axe as a struggle weapon. But my condition was dropping too fast and I lost the struggle. Somehow I didn't die. I woke up with less than 5% condition. At this point I didn't care to look if there was another wolf nearby, I just pushed forward towards the door. I got in and saw that I was bleeding from 2 different places. "I got this" I thought, but then I opened my bag and saw that I only had one bandage.

I admit, I was very upset at this point and rage quit the game. After some deep breaths and the realization that I would lose all of my progress if I died, I booted up the game again, ready to face the impossible.

Once I got back into the game I started from inside the maintenance shed with only 4% condition. I quickly applied the one bandage I had, but I was stumbling all over the place. I couldn't control where I was going and I was bleeding out, FAST. Suddenly I remembered I had an emergency stim on me so I used it and it restored my fatigue and condition enough for me to actually control my character. I knew the bonus was only temporary, but this was miles better than before.

I needed a bandage ASAP, but... You guessed it, I didn't have cloth on me either. I checked my clothes and saw that my wool toque was ruined, so I harvested it for one cloth and crafted my bandage. By the time I applied it my emerency stim had run out. I clicked the bed as fast as I could and slept for 2 hours.

I woke up and I was still alive! With my condition slightly better (but still under 10%), I drank and ate, before jumping back into bed and sleeping for another 6 hours.

As you might have realized by this point, I was severely underprepared so obviously I didn't have antiseptic on me either. My condition was improving, but I was scared that I would die if I got an infection. Infection risk was at 85% and it was the middle of the night, but I had to risk it. I had stashed some stuff in a cave nearby and I was hoping and praying that I left some antiseptic or old man's beard lichen there. I took a torch from a camp fire I made and headed out.

On my way out I saw the corpse of one of the wolves that attacked me. It made me smile. One wolf was still alive (probably the one I fought with the revolver), but even though he was barking and growling, he didn't dare to come near me and my torch. As I made my way towards the cave, I heard the roar of a bear. It was too dark for me to see where he was exactly, but by listening to where the roars came from I managed to avoid him even though I never saw him.

Finally some luck. I got to the cave and found the antiseptic. I started a big fire and drank some herbal tea that I had left in the cave. Then I slept for another 6 hours and woke up to a new day.

I survived.


Moral of the story, bring at least 2 bandages and ALWAYS carry an emergency stim with you.


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