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Hello! I took about a year off from the long dark. I think the last update i remember was the revolver update. Though i left a couple days after that update so didn't play it much.

I just started up a new save, and have some new items popping up that i dont recall seeing in the latest update video that had the spray paint. The items are:


Pesticide thing 

Stump remover

a new book which i forgot the name of but looks to be gun related. has a brown cover.

The Pesticide and Stump remover say they can be used as gunpowder on the description in game. When the heck was gunpowder added though? Also has gun spawns been changed? Im playing voyager in Mystery lake and have checked the hydro dam, trappers cabin, and behind the cabins that surround the lake without any kind of fire arm to be located. or Bow for that matter. Could be just bad luck but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask. 

Also that spray paint is anything but rare for me. I think i have enough to paint every single cabin in the map solid. And that was just searching the hydro dam and cabins. Havent even been to the trailers, hunter blinds or lookouts yet. 

So tell me, what else is new, what are those new items, and did anything change I should know about? I don't see anything on these new items in the update part of forums. 

(I did know about the ketchup potato crisps from the update videos, and timber wolves)

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