DarkWalker Campfire Loot List [SPOILERS]

Gun Tech.

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The green campfires that have the Pages and a Spray Can by them also have high grade loot. You also get a random cooked coffee or not, and a few extra "normal" items which might vary. But the high-grade items are guaranteed. I've marked a few items in green that may make your run safer or better.

ML: Rifle+ammo, blue flare, MRE, Combat Pants.
CH: Mukluks, Mitts, Energy Bar, Tin of Coffee, Lantern Fuel, 2 blue flares.
DP: Knife, Balaclava, Cowl, Go Juice, Lantern Fuel, red flare.
PV: Accelerant, 2 rifle cartridges, Revolver+ammo, Mackinaw, Syrup, Rabbit hat, Flare Shell.
TWM: Stim, Antiseptic, Antibiotics, Sewing Kit, MRE, Painkillers, Flare Gun+7 shells.
FM: Pot, Bearskin Bedroll, Climbing Socks, Accelerant, Crackers, red flare.
BR: Food, Go Juice, Revolver, 2 rifle cartridges, 4 Flare shells.
MT: Lantern, Firestriker, Accelerant, Syrup, Fisherman's Sweater.
HRV: Syrup, Revolver+ammo, Stim, Water, Earwrap.
BI: Satchel, Wool Longjohns, Go Juice, 2 Condensed Milk, Can opener.

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