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So, I missed 4DON the last couple of years because I wasn't paying attention.  This year, when I heard 4DON was being replaced by Escape the Darkwalker I was initially disappointed.  Well, I have to say I was totally wrong.  This thing is scary as hell.  So much tension, especially when played with earphones on and in the dark.  I literally can feel the hair rising on the back of my neck and get the creeping feeling up and down your back like I'm being followed.  This must be how the victim feel in a horror movie.  You know the scene, where the girl is running franticly and the evil supernatural stalker is plodding along slowly but still managed to catch her?  Yeah, like that.  *shudders*

So, Hinterland, you effing nailed it with this one.

Great job and Thanks.

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