Halloween event?


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  • You can play in any region of the world, but you can only stay in a region for 30 real-time minutes (Note: all timings are being tuned based on playtesting and may change before the event goes live) before toxic fog will appear. When the fog appears, you’ll have 5 real-time minutes to escape the region before you die. Once the fog takes hold, the region is impassible. A lot of your strategy will come down to where you travel and how far ahead you can plan your movements through the world.
  • Since you can’t see the entity, you’ll have to count on what you can HEAR to stay alive. Listen for the entity’s cries, its footsteps, and how the spooky music builds as it approaches your location


Well crap, I literally just lost my headphones the other day. x.x And an interesting event for sure, but only half an hour in each zone? Going to be running my butt off just to get anywhere and then no looting in those area's for sure.

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Right U R, Wiz!

Welcome to the wacky world of SPEED L00Ting!  :)

I just got my "Umbra" badge and holy cow did I have to earn it.   You have to loot-on-the run and plan your rout VERY carefully.  No hording, no loot stashes, no I'll keep this just in case".    You have to travel light with only what you absolutely can't do without.   Remember this is a game that is supposed to last just a short time, so think of only what you need  right now or in ten minutes.

Enjoy!  :)

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