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The basic survival game assumption is that "you're all alone now".  What if, for the purpose of an event, it can be "Not quite alone".  The event challenge would be akin to 4DON except for a seasonal theme.  

As a rough cut, imagine a challenge, "Twelve Days of Christmas" where the objective is to help Santa recover presents lost in an accident on Great Bear Island (GBI) so he can deliver them to the children of the world or at least around Canada.  There are ten regions on GBI and two transition zones so twelve areas in total.  Each region has specifically five to ten presents of varying weights and the zones maybe one or two.  Each region has a regional collection point (RCP) which may be a rock cache which is an identifiable item.  The zones require that those presents be placed in a RCP.  The participant has twelve game days to accomplish all that. 

The badge for participation, depending on how strict it should be, might require 12 presents be recovered and placed in a RCP.  That might be a bronze badge.  That might be relatively easy. A silver badge might be awarded for getting, at least, 1 present from each region/zone.  A gold badge would be an upgrade of the silver reflecting collecting 50%+1 of all possible presents.  A platinum badge upgrade for collecting 100% of all possible presents.  All had to be done in 12 game days and the badge gets awarded or failure announced at the end of the 12th game day.  The total number of presents recovered might be reflected as a notation for the given badge. The player may make as many attempts to get a badge or upgrade a badge as they like over the calendar period of the event. 

When deposited in a RCP and saved, the player can then find a cup of warm milk and some cookies (warmth, energy) to get them on their way. 

The first time this starts at Voyager difficulty mode and future iterations, if it is repeated in subsequent years, might expand difficulty to Stalker and Interloper mode or some variant of the Story mode green to hardened survivor idea.  Certainly more needs to go into this.

Just roughing this out so this might not work or be too difficult to do or implement, but just a thought. 

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