Possible cloud save feature or Badge/challenge backup in the furture?


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Hey Guys and Gals of hinterlands and everyone on the forums. I am wondering. Is there any chance of a cloud save option or a backup option for something as simple as the challenges/feats/events done in the furture?


The computer i had recently went the way of the dodo. I think i could maybe save my saves from the Hhd of it but i doubt it since my psu went bad and kinda PFFFT the whole thing. So thats why im asking if its at all possible. Even if you hinterlands cant put up servers for backups Is there anyway to put in an option for people to Put in their google drive or cloud or other cloud save info that the only thing the game itself does is hold that info and the player would have to hit Backup or something for it to send the data to the place of choice?

Would something like this be possible or even really worth it? SInce you guys are working from home It could be a cool lil tinker project to see if possible. Even if you cant get it to work with the long dark Maybe If there is a TLD2 or another game you Make it would be a visable option then.

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