Faithful Cartographer - Hushed River Valley problem


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Hey guys!

I'm on my way trying to get the faithful cartographer achievement and stumbled upon a problem in HRV. The location count shows 22/24 locations discovered, but in the location name list it shows 3 undiscovered locations. Is this a known issue? Since I'm playing in German, it's a pain in the ass to compare locations with the official list ^^ I just hope this will not block me out of the achievement >.<

Here's a screenshot:




EDIT: well, it solved itself. After mapping the next location I'm at 23/24 locations and in the list is only one "???" left. So it was indeed a bug which solved itself.

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Yeah I got freaked out by this a while back while pursuing faithful cartographer... there are two possible locations for the everlasting fire thing and the list shows both even though only one exists.  once you find the one it updates the list and all is well.

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