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  1. In my opinion, EP4 is the best so far. A lot more action-packed quests, almost no slow-paced gathering or carrying quests. Story is strong as well - a lot of ne characters with Mathis being the asshole I expected. The map is quiet interesting with a bunch of intriguing buildings. I loved this episode and I hope Hinterland will focus the same way in EP5
  2. Sooo it's 4:35 AM in Vancouver while it's already 1:35 PM in Germany. Waiting is soooo hard -.-
  3. Same happened to me - but only with the Darkwalker-badges. Already contacted support - I'm pretty sad about it - hopefully they can be restored Oh and I'm on PC/Steam btw.
  4. "As the dead sleep" - it's a challenge made by Hinterland, which is pretty hard because you get no health regeneration except for emergency stims and it's pretty much Interloper-settings. You have to visit graves all over Great Bear to complete the challenge.
  5. I'm on day 130 in my current run and the saving keeps taking longer and longer. I'm now at the point Windows thinks the game isn't responding and gives me the dialog to choose to wait or force-close TLD. Saving is broken guys - I really hope Hinterland has it on its list and fixes it with the next patch. It's frustrating as f*ck.
  6. This might be the correct explanation. I did a few tests today. On my normal save I have plenty of fish lying around as I try to get to skill level 5 on all skills. Saving takes about 5 seconds, disc utilization while saving is about 3.6MB/s, CPU utilization while playing is around 10%, while saving around 16%. Then I started a new game and all I did was entering a building to trigger the saving-process. Saving took less than a second, disc utilzation went up to around 2MB/s and CPU utilization was about 16% as well. The question is: If it's zipping or something like that, why is my CPU b
  7. Well, sorry - it shouldn't take several seconds to save a 10MB savegame. My system isn't the best one but it's got SATA6G and a Samsung 860 EVO SSD. My savegame is 10.8MB and it takes over 5 seconds each save. That's 2MB a second with a 550MB/s-SSD - something's wrong with Hinterlands save-mechanism.
  8. That's definitely a car on the long bridge flashing it's headlights during aurora.
  9. As stated here ( ) I'm at 190/191 locations. Only Frozen Delta in Bleak Inlet won't trigger - even after 30+ charcoals wasted in different positions. This is SO frustrating >.< EDIT: I finally got it! It's south of the rocks. However - I think it should trigger if you map when the locations shows up in the upper left corner and not elsewhere on the map!
  10. Hey guys! I'm pretty far with my Faithful Cartographer run - I have 190/191 locations mapped. Unfortunately, I can't find the right spot for the last location trigger, which is the Frozen Delta in Bleak Inlet. I already spent 30+ charcoal and the whole delta is showing up on map - but not the location trigger. I tried several different positions as well as mapping as soon as the "Frozen Delta" appears in the upper left corner - nothing. It would be great if someone could help me and point out where I need to be exactly to get the location trigger. It's absolutely frustrating that there's
  11. Hey guys! I'm on my way trying to get the faithful cartographer achievement and stumbled upon a problem in HRV. The location count shows 22/24 locations discovered, but in the location name list it shows 3 undiscovered locations. Is this a known issue? Since I'm playing in German, it's a pain in the ass to compare locations with the official list ^^ I just hope this will not block me out of the achievement >.< Here's a screenshot: EDIT: well, it solved itself. After mapping the next location I'm at 23/24 locations and in the list is only one "???" left.