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I searched the forums but could not find a topic on this, so I'm starting one. 

Having spent 300 days on my Main Survival game, I'm finding myself just bored doing the same routine day in and day out. I like to make bases, and after discussing with a streamer, the idea of Displayable Collectibles came up. We already have collectibles (notes, polaroids, etc) and it would be cool if we could display them. or create trinkets, or make things in the houses "movable" so we can personalize out little homes. 

Thoughts? Manic is the only one not allowed to reply ;)  jokes

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Hear Hear!!

I'd like to see a lot more being done in terms of crafting and movable items for display purposes as well.  You are so right when you say you get bored doing the same routine, if your getting bored at 300 in game days, wait til you get a character up beyond 500 or 800 days.  It would be nice to be able to "pin" those notes or polaroids on one of the corkboards or bulletin boards found in game.   How about being able to hang a copy of your own world map on the wall?   The idea of making things movable and stackable would add tremendous improvement in relieving long term boredom as it relates to repetitive gameplay for long term survivors.  If we are going to go the distance, then I want some taxidermy items as well, like mounting the bear's head on the wall and or especially the moose's huge rack of antlers.  oh... and a wall mounted torch sconce too....

So dev team,  let's get cracking!  

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