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Is there a reason the list of places you stay does not display what map that each location is on?

I think some would find this very frustrating not knowing location belongs to which map/region?

What cant the list say -  /days/map name/location name/ ?



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Region Location Mission Title
Mystery Lake Camp Office Camp Office
Mystery Lake Trapper's Homestead Trapper's Cabin
Mystery Lake Forestry Lookout Forestry Lookout
Mystery Lake Carter Hydro Dam Upper Dam/Lower Dam
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Outbuildings Barn
Pleasant Valley Signal Hill Radio Control Hut
Pleasant Valley Skeeter's Ridge Skeeter's Ridge (Basement)
Pleasant Valley Rural Crossroads Rural Store
Coastal Highway Quonset Gas Station Quonset Garage
Coastal Highway Abandoned Lookout Abandoned Lookout
Timberwolf Mountain Mountaineer's Hut Mountaineer's Hut
Desolation Point Lonely Lighthouse Lonely Lighthouse
Desolation Point Stone Church Stone Church
Cinder Hills Coal Mine Abandoned Mine Cinder Hills Coal Mine
Old Island Connector Abandoned Harris Home Crumbling Highway (Basement)

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