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I have not played the game as of the time I wrote this post, but I have watched a few hours of a live stream and I have noticed some things that could enhance the gameplay and realism effect that the game already has. These are just some cool ideas I came up with.


Weapons: Shotguns, Revolvers, More rifles, Axes

Storage: Larger backpacks, pouches (sewn on), Store small items in jacket and pants pockets (Ammunition, cans of food / soda)

AI: Add an AI system where you can trade with them, team with them or attack them.

Abilities: Sew on found pouches, cut down small trees for fire wood, Can boil leaves as food,


- Why is the fireplace sound a bear noise? It's so scary..

- Wild animals acting strange (Run in circles, randomly disappear)

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well the weapon issue is bitterly fought over, and I'm inclined to disagree to a certain extent that more weapons be added, otherwise this becomes yet another FPS. I would like to see more guns of differing application, but not if it changes the dynamic of the game.

As for larger backpacks, see my post I made some time ago: ... 874#p11874 and another post made was This one: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=2247&p=12632 (I was a bit tired that night, which is why I posted a grumpy response on that thread)

Currently Hinterland are just designing the bare bones of the game, the environment in which you operate. The AI you are speaking of will be the NPCs that are to be added upon the games completion.

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I do think they will add other methods of storage. As for weapons, I do feel having the option for just one bare rifle without the option of finding a small handgun or at least having the ability to apply attachments like a scope because the rifle isn't all that accurate at long range. I can only assume that at this point anything they add will make the game more exciting than its current state.

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