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  •  Mountain lions

  • A new kind of predator that when you’re out in the snow it stocks you far longer and stays near you long after you have tried to scare it off. 

  • It’s pelt can be used to either a pair of gloves, a coat, or a scarf to keep you warm.  

  • The mountain lion has a moral like the timberwolves but instead of more a group taking short bursts of attacks or close calls, it’s slower and much more methodical. The lion will tease you and make you waste a bullet or two to make you think it’s going to make you it’s next meal.

  • The best way to fight it off is to take a shot from far away and make it runoff. The big cat isn’t always easy to scare off, one of the main ways is to face it head-on just like the bear mission in Wintermute.  They are found mainly around Milton, timberwolf mountain, and mystery lake. 

  •  Telescope

  • Can be used as an extra navigation tool and helps find more obscure places and high up places to find resources 

  • Can be broken if you fall from a great height or during a skirmish with wolves, bears, or mountain lions. 

  •  Can be found almost anywhere in the world      

  •  Lighters 

  • Just like the matches or the storm lantern, it can be used as a portable and refuelable light source that is very light compared to the storm lantern.

  • They can be found all around the world of the long dark 

  • It can be refueled by excellorant  

  • It can be broken during a skirmish or a fall if held by the player

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