What's the ratio of chips to syrup?


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I randomly spawned in CH, right at the mouth of the tunnel crossing into Raven's Ravine.

I made a big circle starting with the cabin by the picnic ground, rounding by the fishing village, jack rabbit, then misanthropes, hitting the fishing shacks in a zig zag pattern before getting to the quonset hut.  I consumed two bags of crisps on the way and decided to save the rest until I found a bottle of syrup.  Before leaving the gas station, I emptied my food inventory in order to lighten my load.  By that time I think I had enough soda and food products to open my own gas station convenience store.  Not to mention the full on new wardrobe  of boots, parkas, snow pants and more than a few pairs of work gloves.  

I only hit the standing buildings by the gas station so there's still a lot of un-looted cabins and cars, but before  I did manage to find a bottle of syrup, but by then the  chip count was already in the double digits.  I'm thinking the chip to syrup ratio must be close to 20 - 25 to 1 more or less.   Does anyone have any info they would like to share?  I hope they  put an item counter in the stats later on, that would also chart how of a certain food item the player has eaten.  I'd like to see how may cans of orange soda I've drank with all those chips!


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