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This question can't be answered correctly, as it's a matter of preference.  Some people like the console better, others like PC better, some play on PC with a console controller. If you're asking my personal opinion, I like PC because of the ability to modify my mouse sensitivity and I feel it's easier to pan the camera with it.  I'm not sure on this one, but I think the PC offers higher graphics and detail ability as well (I do not own it on console).

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I own it on PC and on the X Box 1 console. I much prefer it on the PC. The control is way better for me with a mouse. Sensitivity is adjustable both ways, but I get a crisp, clean movement with my mouse. Also, I just built this PC and it's pretty strong. I keep all graphics at highest settings and it's beautiful. On X box, saves are sooooooo slow and the graphics are poor at best. The one advantage for the Xbox is that I can sit on my couch and veg whilst playing. I guess it's everyone's preference but mine by far is the PC.

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