Help with Timberwolves (Ep. 3)


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I am playing on Capable? Survivor (default), and the Timberwolf Morale bar is turned ON. I am carrying the first survivor back and I hear a howl, hear music, and see the morale bar pop up. 

(I know the TW attacks when carrying survivors is a scripted attack). I fight and scare away TWs. Continue on, it happens again. I defeat again.

I continue on, suddenly I am being attacked by TWs  for a third time without any music, no morale code, no warning. This time nothing I do will drive them away, (fire, shooting, marine flare etc..) it is just continuous and I am stuck, I've even tried taking different routes. (btw, I'm still on the first survivor).

I obviously know how to fight them. What I don't know is how to fight when there is no warning nor measure to see if it is completed. And is THREE attacks really necessary for the story? Will EVERY survivor work this way? Thank you. 

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I'm going through Ep3 Capable Survivor as well. I've rescued all four and just need to do one more food run before the storm (only about 2000 calories left).  On my first rescue with Gwen(Gale?) I encountered two TW packs of three each (six wolves in total) on the way back. With my revolver I killed three and havested  500g of meat from one of them (Astrid was hungry enough to try wolf steak once).  

The first encounter was pre dawn by the river so I quickly placed the survivor, lit a flare and dropped it close by and aimed my revolver. I dropped the first wolf and the rest fled. By the second encounter the sun was up and visibility was great so I could use my rifle. Took out two wolves in my best encounter yet.

I've found that TW packs would usually continue to spawn shortly after picking up each survivor. They probably would just wait in the area around the survivor. But this didn't happen on the last trip. On my way to the final survivor I was fortunate to come across a 9kg deer walking around on my path. Shot the deer and havested 8kg which was quickly cooked up while nursing the survivor (Logan?) back to health. With the surviors' infite fire cooking the meats was pretty easy and my scent went to zero. With the extra weight I decided to try an alternative route back to base. Even though I sprained my wrist while carrying the survivor, I didn't encounter any wolves on the way back. Maybe they were checking out the deer carcass.

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There are a few things that can be going on with your play through.

1. If you have meat on you (deer, rabbit, etc) while traveling with survivors, TW will attack multiple times because of the scent (even if meat is cooked).

2. If you walk in certain areas (along main roads or rivers) you're more likely to initiate a TW encounter. However, sometimes you can avoid them if you can walk off the normal pathways. If you scan the area and notice the wolves first, you can move away from them before an encounter is initiated. 

3. Marine flares are more effective than regular flares or torches, but it's best to throw it at the wolf before they move in for the attack. If you attack carelessly, they meter doesn't go down at all and the wolves just keep circling around.

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Find the revolver, learn the hip-fire method.


Timberwolves that are bleeding out will not attack you. aiming at Timberwolves/wolves with any weapon will cause their path to be unpredictable.

they say hip firing is inaccurate, but it's actually more accurate than regular fire. just offset. at 20m or so the bullets land dead center of your screen.


(that should say 10m, not 15m)

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