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Hello everyone! My name is Shane (though I go by Haruka online), and I’ve been playing The Long Dark since Late-September 2014. I remember seeing this come into my reccomendations on Steam back then, and once I started playing the game I’ve been a fan ever since. Was incredibly excited about the prospect of a story mode and the survival mode being two separate modes that you could play with, and the evolution of the gameplay with each update made it very easy for me to casually play the game and just escape my everyday world for a few hours every session.

Unfortunately, I stopped playing the game a lot back in 2017 after the game launched, and through many other personal problems that I was experiencing around that time, I just didn’t feel like playing a lot of games. But after hearing about Hinterlands moves to raise money around the Covid Pandemic, and given the fact that I was looking for something different to what I was doing around the beginning of the pandemic; it was the perfect time to start playing again. With the recent updates, and their commitments to fundraising with its own platform, I thought it was probably time to just hop onto the Hinterland forums. So hello again, and I hope everyone is having fun with this game like I have. Its really a spectacular game to play, and I’m glad its also set in the Canadian North.

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Heheh, thanks @ManicManiac! Its great to be back!

Though I didn’t realize how many changes to the visuals and the mechanics were made in the game. Its almost like learning the game again, though it being harder has changed the play-style that I used to have.

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