Cauterizing Wounds and Zoom/Binoculars


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I got a few suggestions for the game that might improve it if you ever see this. 
Cauterizing wounds could be a good mechanic of first aid to heal bleeding, but at the cost of some condition and needing to use painkillers after if you want to stop the pain. You could just get a knife or hatchet and heat it up at a campfire or by a match if possible. This could be a useful mechanic if bandages are not available to the player. 

Now an ability to zoom in or have an item like binoculars would be amazing since it's hard for me sometimes to see far away. Also, I like to explore the world carefully to make sure I don't get surprised by a bear or a wolf, or when I need to track a stag from a distance. A zoom in feature of binoculars would make the experience better for players like me, taking there sweet time to survive the snow apocalypse. 

I would be glad if these things were added but it's just a suggestion, I like to make sure that this game can be the best for everyone.

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