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I've especially noticed this in the past several releases for whatever reason, but items that are more than ~10m away are invisible to me. For a game where you can see a wolf from a 1/2 km away, and where spotting where you dropped items from a fair distance away can be the difference between finding food and starving to death, this seems borderline ridiculous. I'd almost go as far as claiming it's a bug even though I've seen similar behavior in various game streams. I've maxed out all the sliders and the settings are set to the maximum allowable for visual quality (Ultra or High), so I doubt that this only applies to me.

If there are performance implications of showing that many items close to the player, then (much like trees and other vegetation) Hinterland can provide a slider in the performance/quality menu or they can show a lower quality object from further away. Having items pop in and out from such a close distance is super annoying, and it's very frustrating to think that there's nothing in that little corner of the valley you're exploring only to later find out that you could've picked up an important item there. Not only that, but the items appear on my map when I draw them with charcoal even when they're not visible directly ahead of me on a clear, sunny day!

I know this isn't as critical to older players who know where everything spawns on the map, but for people who don't know the maps off by heart it really detracts from the game experience. It's visually jarring to see a ton of items appear out of nowhere, as well.

If you're unsure of what I'm talking about then take a look at the attached images below as an example. One shows 0 rosehip bushes just ahead of the player, and the second shows the player slightly further ahead and can see 3 that just popped into view (with one just out of visual draw range). I can see sticks, branches, limbs, and other things from a fair distance, but not these bushes and other items.

Can Hinterland please look at extending the distance we can see items at or at least look at providing us with a slider to extend the range beyond the pitiful draw distance it's set to now?

0 bushes but close enough to see sticks and branches:

A little closer and... suddenly 3 bushes appear (1 not yet visible):

P.S. If there's a method to alter the draw distance somewhere in the game files then please let me know.


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I have this lack of visibility problem with meat dropped next to the carcass.   

Often when I kill and butcher an animal I just drop the meant next to the carcass to be collected later.   If I harvest everything from the animal  the carcass disappears very soon, just leaving the meat.  When I return to that area the meat does not become visible until I am about 25m, (75ft) from it.


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On 6/5/2020 at 12:54 AM, Chameleon88 said:

Optimisation. If you want to see ALL objects around 200m it will drop your FPS from 100+ to 10, even if you have 50 cores CPU, it's not unreal engine it's unity.

This seems like a hyperbole.  I've had plenty of Long Dark runs where I have hundreds of unmoving items dropped on the ground and FPS doesn't drop to unplayable levels when they're all on the screen. Sure, it might be noticeable on some systems, but give us the option to do it if we want. My PC's performance affected far more by "active" objects like outdoor fires or raging blizzards, and (even after all this time) the multi-second pause when spraining your ankle/wrist.  I also addressed this in the post by asking that they provide us with a performance slider, much like with the other options.

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