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Spray Cans.  I have been going around Coastal Highway marking things.  Mostly cars that didn't or no longer have a battery or, in one case, has a trunk full of sticks. 

1.  When bringing up the spray can marking menu, perhaps the game can say "You don't have a spray can" or "You have no spray paint" if that is the case.  Save some consternation about what happened.  The current implementation shows  you readying a spray can whether you have a work one or not. It only tells you when you try and you can't.  I do not know how the mechanic selects which can to use but seems to default to using the lower condition (less paint in it) first does suit me. 

2.  In inventory, when a spray can is empty, maybe mark it as "ruined" unless there is going to be some way to refill one.  Right now I am littering around the Quonset garage with the empty spray cans.  Pretty but like brands and survival bows, they apparently cannot be disposed of only dropped. 

3.  In the  Coastal Townsite, due to the proximity of the cars (and houses), marking locations there generates an ill-defined mark that if you're looking at it now shows all the marks you have in that area and asks if you want to delete any or all.  If you had a specific one you decided to delete, you don't know which of the list of marks is that one and does that actually erase the mark from wherever it was placed or just from the list?

4.  It appears that limited visibility (I guess) seems to prevent marks that should be clearly visible from appearing on the map.  I marked the cars near the Fishing Camp and, while the cars got marked, nothing showed on the map.  I tried to update it with charcoal which is where I got the not enough visibility so I assume that restriction may have bled over to whether it should show the paint marks. 

When it was implemented I was not sure that they would be useful, but I guess I am finding a reasonable use for them. 

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