Grettings from Turkey


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Grettings from Turkey,Istanbul.When ı saw the long dark on YT ı fell that cold,warm and loneliness in this game.Then ı decided to crack this game on illegal ways in late of 2016.Then ı figured out that ı cracked old version(desolation point)of The long dark.ı had played on cracked version too much, like 6 month in every day.ı experienced too much. When steam 2017 summer sales started ı get the long dark on steam,pc.ı bought the long dark with 15.50₺ and played it every day untill august one 2017

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What to say, you comes to Hinterland's forum, the studio  owning this game's rights,  to boast about how you ripped them off ?

That's a first for me.

Make it right and buy another copy.

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