Interloper Alternative For Tagging A Natural Dye Concoction

Ice Hole

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Playing on interloper generally plays out that special equipment is not found but needs to be manufactured.  The improvised knife is a great example.  That same logic should apply to the new spray can mechanic.  The spray can alternative would need to be manufactured with naturally occurring ingredients.  No longer a spray can instead a brush made from cloth stick line.  Dabbing this dye would also stain longer than the spray can.  The same mechanic for warming tea can apply to the dye as it needs to be warm while in use.

There are so many ingredients to choose from so list your ideas for the natural dye concoction. 

A dye I am familiar with comes from the Black Walnut.  Very simple to make just boil the husks in water and the resulting black dye stains for a long time.

Black Walnut Dye Article

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