Killing wolves on Green Survivor diffuclty

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For the chapter 2 side quest Survivor School, one of the objectives is to kill a wolf in all three regions you explore in the chapter. Issue is, I'm playing on Green Survivor and as soon as I can see the wolf it runs away. I really want to complete this quest so I can fully complete the episode. Does anyone know any strategies on how to get close enough to a wolf to kill it? Right now I can barely get within 20 feet of one without it running away, and my aim is not that good as to hit it from that far away.

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You need to be patient and try to reduce chances of wolves noticing you. Try to put away all raw and cooked meat and crawl to them crouching using "CTRL" button. This way you can estimate approximate distance of them noticing you.

In addition, you can try to make a deer to run into wolves. A wolf will kill the deer and will start eating without moving. I think you will be able to come closer and hit a still target.

You need to just hit them anywhere with firearm, they will most likely bleedout afterwards. 

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